Complete Software Solutions 


What we do

We are a software development company based in Serbia, offering complete software solutions - a full circle of services. Plus Plus NT is experienced in building both in-house projects and providing software development outsourcing.

IT Consulting

Do you have an idea that needs to be polished? Would you like to improve your software architecture and optimise performance? Our engineers will help you transform your projects to perfection.


Translate the base of your project into a visual concept with a defined workflow and use cases. Our goal is to create a profound experience in interaction between the end user and the digital product.


Skilled software developers are at your service, ready to build your next project, whether it is a web application, desktop application, mobile app, or cross-platform software solution.


Offering ultimate customer satisfaction is an integral part of our business philosophy. Therefore, high quality technical support is an essential element of all our solutions.

Our Expertise

Almost two decades of experience in different industries using a variety of technologies. From C ++ beginners to Java experts. From participants in the digital age to creators of artificial intelligence. What inspired us all that time? - A continues strive to be innovators and technology leaders.

Betting Solutions

Our betting software solutions are used by companies in more than 35 countries. We have the experience of processing several million transaction per day. Our payment solutions are capable of collecting money in 40 different ways. Therefore, it's safe to say that we completely understand the philosophy of online and live gambling.


Java Development

Full cycle of software development within the Java ecosystem, using Spring and other popular frameworks. Our Java software developers cover everything from IT consulting, software production, to the post-launch product support.


Natural Language Processing

We believe in a future where people have a much better understanding of artificial intelligence. We contribute to that future by creating human-like machines, seamless and customisable chatbot software solutions capable of learning and performing as well as their human counterparts.


Document Management

There can't be common software for document management. There are as many solutions as there are clients and each of those solutions must be unique and tailored to their needs and specifications.


++ Development

An adaptable IT company has to come up with a solution for a variety of a of client's demands. Does your business need a custom hardware and software integration? No problem, we can handle that as well!


Our Work

After all these years it's hard to pick a favourite project, but here you can take a look at some of the most recent ones.

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