Collaboration with Institute of Accounting and Auditing





Busy with new projects, jobs and gaining new knowledge, for which we are very grateful, especially during the Covid pandemic, we are able to publish and share with you a new article and another new business curiosity.

Namely, the collaboration with the Institute of Accounting and Auditing followed mostly as a result of the fact that we decided to work together on education and cooperation with clients who have decided, who are starting or planning the digitalization of business and business processes.

The cooperation, which began at the end of 2020, brought us many challenges, extraordinary opportunities and the opening of new possibilities.

What makes us most happy is that we are very successfully developing our vision and working very hard to achieve the goals related to the development of the Document Management System in all previous years.

The development of our own DMS - Next Generation Office, which you can read more about here as well as the analysis of various business processes, together with listening to the market and successful implementation of each request and specific module, has led us to our professional experience in designing and developing business software solutions to enviable level. This is exactly our main role in the above-mentioned collaboration.

In addition, through joint efforts, professional, educational and scientific activities such as:

  • Work on professional and scientific research projects
  • Preparation of project-technical documentation
  • Organizing professional meetings
  • Preparation of professional and scientific written materials and publications Exchange of professional staff

We also successfully provide consulting services and work with clients who plan to start the digital transformation.

If you are thinking of integrating your system with a document management system, expect better results, increased collaboration, standardization of documents, improvement and transformation of business processes, cost reduction by eliminating the need for paperwork, improving the efficiency of document exchange in accordance with all legal changes which await us in the coming period.

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