Next Generation Office - Custom document management system





Next Generation Office is our brand new software which our clients will use for receiving, processing, sending and archiving eDocuments and eMails.

Main functionalities are:

  • eOffice - electronic filling of writen, digitized or eDocuments in compliance with all work procedures.
  • eRecordBook - automatically generates business numbers for each registered document.
  • Finance - full integration of invoices and other accounting documents with automatic receipt. Filling, control process, sending and secure archiving.
  • Administration - digitization of internal administration with registration and processing of written or digitized documents. Possible registration, processing and archiving of incoming, outgoing and internal e-mails.
  • Digital Archive - Internal electronic archive, legally and securely organized, for storage and retrieval of all registered business documents upon multiple requests.

NGO is:

  • Flexible - can be easily adapted to the requirements of various users
  • Compliant with the law - Full compliance with legal regulations
  • Safe to work from home - Access to the application and document processing are adapted to remote work
  • Has no hidden costs - Transparency of existing functionalities without additional billing

Our new software solution is efficient, applicable but also adaptable business software that has all the necessary functionalities integrated. On the other hand, it is an open project for all specific refinements that the clients requires from us.

It is made so that your professional team can perform installation and maintenance. Of course, there is always the possibility that our professional team can help, train, refine or customize.

This model of professional performance successfully fits all elements of the project into a simple and most efficient software application, which can use both, employees and your business partners.

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