Our story





Our story begins in 2002.

At that time, we were a small team full of ideas and enthusiasm, and the first location was a small apartment in Zemun and only three employees. Since then, we have gone through various phases and faced many challenges, and our team and spaces have changed and increased over the years.

We were lucky that the companies we work with have a clear idea of what they want and what solution they need, while our merit is that we have always been able to provide them with services and solutions at an enviable level, adapt to their needs and eventually achieve many successful cooperations.

What is very important to point out is that some of our clients, in fact our partners for almost an incredible 20 years, and that all the time we spent together is an exciting time of joint improvement, learning, understanding and complementing, which have resulted in dozens of successful ventures and projects.

Apart from Serbia, our clients come to us from neighboring countries, but also from Europe, America and Canada. As clients, the systems we develop and the countries in which they are located are diverse and diverse, so are our services.

From Mobile, Desktop and WEB application development, to Outsourcing, Customer and Technical Support.

From initial ideas and needs, to final and complete software solutions.

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