Team building 2021





Although we are diligent and hard working, loving our job also means, we have to set aside some time for relaxation and joint activities, staying in nature and of course some party!

All in order to recharge our batteries and return to our daily tasks empowered to make new targets.

This time we stole a few days and fled to the nearby peak of Dvičibare near our beautiful town Valjevo.

Besides massage, SPA and swimming pool, we also did sports activities, because fortunately, although we are used to a lot of sitting due to the nature of the work, we are all fans of various sports, while among us there are those who love extreme sports.

Staying in nature breathin fresh mountain air and a long walks is definitely what we all needed.

When it comes to party, we didnt hesitate to make it everywhere, from bus which drove us to a destination to hotel rooms and offcourse, our beloved Kafana!

Although the working environtment is more than sattisfaing, it is more than necessary to take time for quality content and socializing in a different manner.

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